Beef Backstrap Chews

Product Size (pc): 5, 10, 25 pack Intended for: all breeds and sizes All natural hickory smoked beef back strap chews

100% human grade beef back strap sourced and made in USA, USDA certified
Full Product Description
A 5 10 or 25 pack of all natural hickory smoked beef back strap

All of our products are sourced & processed 100% MADE in USA
We ship from our family owned and operated facility in South Carolina.

What makes our products a cut above the rest?

-All natural-

We do NOT brine our ears with chemicals. In fact, we never use any chemicals, additives, or preservatives

-Sourced and Made in USA-

We only use human grade quality ears always sourced in USA and made by us, our way. We know the state and manufacturer they come from on each batch

-Our process-

We slow cook our fish skins 3 days

We finish them with real hickory wood smoke before we package and ship for exceptional palatability

-Our business-

A family owned and operated father and son team in South Carolina

-Healthy wholesome natural chews-

We strive to provide premium pet treats and chews for everyone's pets to enjoy!
Legal / Safety / Disclaimer
Processed & Packaged in USDA Approved Facility

Important Notice: Please supervise your dog when giving any chew or treat. Remove small or broken pieces to prevent a choking hazard. Be mindful of your pet's age and health conditions when selecting products. Please contact a customer service representative for additional product details and recommendations. Not for human consumption. We suggest washing your hands after handling natural treats and chews.
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