Dog Treat House
Dog Treat House

100% Natural & Healthy Pet Treats

no fillers, no junk, just dog'gon good treats


Made with LOVE and FRESH INGREDIENTS, no artificial flavors, no fillers. We began making healthy pet treats for our own furry friends and now we're offering them to the world! We are proud to offer a healthy and tasty alternative to foreign brands with WHO KNOWS what's in them.

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what other pup’s are saying

"I was so pleased to find a dog treat both sourced and manufactured in the USA. Many are manufactured here but so few are sourced here. I can have peace of mind that I'm giving my dog a treat he loves and not a potential health problems." - Edie S.


"My dog likes just about everything but I like the price of these treats and the fact they are made from natural and fresh ingredients." - Edie S.

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our promise

It's our pledge to do everything we can to make safe, and healthy products that your dog will love, no exceptions. All of our pet treats, dog chews, and private label dog treat products are made at our USDA approved facility in the USA.

Every dog is different - we offer free returns and exchanges so your dog doesn't have to settle for anything less than perfect.

Talk to us about your dog so we can lend a paw with advice, recommendations, and more!
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